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Foundation Pathway (Pre-entry, Entry Level 1 and Entry Level 2)
Learners on the Foundation Pathway are equipped with skills for life with a focus on learning for living through vocational workshops and the transition to independence and work. This non-accredited person-centred programme includes mixed media, sport, independence, employability, English, healthy living, maths, music, performing arts and sport.

Some learners may also study Skills for Employment and Further Learning. This bespoke course gives learners accreditation for their employability skills and focuses on personal development.

For learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties our sensory Learning for Life programme aims to support the development of skills needed for independent living.

All learners on the Foundation Pathway have Independent Learning Support staff in their sessions who work with you, in and out of the classroom, to help achieve your goals and increase your independence, communication and social skills.

What will I study?

Independence – skills to be independent out in the community, using money, cooking and looking after a home.

Performing arts – group projects working with other learners on a performance and showcase opportunities throughout the year.

Sport – try and play various different sports and games and learn about the importance of keeping fit

Healthy Living – learn to look after yourself, healthy diets, staying fit and the importance of relaxation.

English – gain an accreditation in English (if appropriate), increase your skills in reading and writing, and work towards personalised targets.

Maths – gain accreditation in maths (if appropriate), increase your skills in numbers, shape, money and everyday maths, and will work towards personalised targets.

Music – learn about different music, make choices and express preferences. Practice and perform a piece of music alongside other learners for an end of year showcase.

Employability – learn employability skills one day a week trying out a number of areas. Learn to work with others, communicate with unfamiliar people, money skill and interpersonal skills.

What can I do after completing the programme?

Learners from the Foundation Pathway can progress to the Explorer Pathway where they will focus on vocational topics or have progress to a Supported Internship. Some learners have continued from the Supported Internship into employment.

How to Apply?

For further information on the Foundation Pathway, contact our Foundation Team on 024 7642 6081 or email at foundation@hereward.ac.uk
We have extensive partnerships with employers and an expanding supported internship study programme.
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