Useful Resources

Autism West Midlands

Supports people with autism as
independently as possible and
provides assistance and support.


Provides impartial and accurate special
educational needs and disability
information, advice and support.

Creative Bridges

Aims to help the transition of adults
with learning disabilities from
education into the working world.


Helps all kind of people experiencing
isolation, poverty and disadvantages
in order to build better lives.

Kenilworth PHAB

A group where disabled and able-bodied
people meet weekly to enjoy social
activities together.

Learning Disabilities England

An organisation working to make life better for both people with learning
disabilities and their families.

Leonard Cheshire

Supports disabled people in the UK and
worldwide to ‘fulfil their potential’ and
live the lives they choose.

Lifepath Trust

Charity group that supports people with
learning disabilities in Coventry
and Warwickshire.


Supporting equal rights and general
life improvement for those with all
kinds of disabilities.

New Directions Rugby

Charity in Rugby & Warwickshire
aiming to provide tailored care
to those who need it.


Aims to raise awareness of the impact
of a wide range of disabilities and to
promote them.


Provides welfare and social support for
young people with minority sexual
orientation or gender identities.


Supports people with learning
disabilities and autism to make
new relationships.


Aims to help make the UK a better place
where disabled people have
equal opportunities to everyone else.


Supports people suffering from death/blind impairments to live fulfilling
and aspirational lives.

Take a Break Warwickshire

Community based short breaks for
disabled children and young adults
from Warwickshire.

Working Together Warwickshire

Offers a wide variety of support to help
people deal with the personal and
practical impacts of mental health issues.