Learning for Life

Our sensory Learning for Life programme is for young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and aims to help support the development of skills for independent living.


You will develop communication skills at a pace which suits your individual needs through all senses communication techniques (sign language, objects of reference, communicators, sensory cues, body sign, intensive interaction).

We also ensure communication skills such as sensory massage, music and touch sessions, sensory stories, choice making activities and trips out are all embedded into the curriculum.

Ongoing partnerships with home and care services are also important to ensure the skills developed are used in all areas of your life.


Cognitive skills are developed and embedded throughout the curriculum and you will also have regular access to an Occupational Therapist.  These skills are developed in fun and practical ways including:

  • Problem solving throughout the day including at break and social times with one to one support from staff.
  • Participation in activities such as art, cooking and drama to explore different areas.
  • Sequencing skills using ICT and switch based activities.


You will learn about body awareness, develop fine and gross motor skills and work on your mobility through:

  • Weekly sessions with the physiotherapy team.
  • Personal independence and fitness sessions such as sound and touch, sport and drama.
  • Access to a sensory room for both relaxation and learning.

Social and Emotional

You will develop relationships inside and out of college, understand personal care and develop a sense of self through:

  • Visits in the local community to increase social skills.
  • Taking part in college activities such as fayres, shows, celebrations and enterprise projects.
  • Participating in lessons with other learners on the Foundation Pathway.
  • Working to targets for developing personal care and understanding.