Working with employers

Hereward helps learners to make progress and realise their potential and ambitions. We are committed to ensuring that the young people at Hereward College are equipped for their future lives with not just an education but also outstanding employability skills and much greater control over their own future.

Employability skills and opportunitities are a key part of our offer to learners and the college provides it’s young people with careers education, guidance and placement experience while enabling them to transfer the skills developed at Hereward into the workplace.

How we work with business

The college works in partnership with a range of employers who provide a whole range of valuable opportunities to our students including:

  • Short or long term work experience placements
  • Part-time or full-time employment
  • Trainee and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Work trials leading to potential employment
  • Supported internship placements

Supported internships are a 10 month study programme aimed at young people aged 16 to 24 who have an education, health and care (EHC) plan and need extra support to move into employment.

Each supported internship is government funded and the model ensures there is no additional cost and minimal impact to a business.  A Hereward Job Coach is assigned to work with a group of students and the business to identify roles that interns can fill, and provides support and direction throughout the duration of the work placement.

Benefits to employers

  • Be part of the Hereward Positive Partner Programme
  •  Take the step towards becoming a Disability Confident employer
  •  Get access to high quality and dedicated Job Coach support
  •  Promote Equality and Diversity in the workplace
  •  Support employment prospects in the local community
  •  Contribute towards Corporate Social Responsibility of the business
  •  Gain an enthusiastic and committed member of the team.

Airwave interns:

Whitefriar interns: