Study Programme

Learners follow an outcome focussed study programme designed to meet individual needs and support progression. English and maths are included in all programmes and there is a focus on employability and enterprise.

Students access work experience, taster sessions, support and placements related to their study as well as developing skills for independent living.

Foundation Pathway (Pre-entry, Entry Level 1 and Entry Level 2)

Learners on the Foundation Pathway are equipped with skills for life with a focus on learning for living through vocational workshops and the transition to independence and work. This non-accredited person-centred programme includes mixed media, sport, independence, employability, English, healthy living, maths, music, performing arts and sport.  Read more

Learning for Life (sensory programme)

For learners with sensory needs including profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), our person centred Learning for Life programme aims to support the development of skills needed for independent living. Read more

Explorer Pathway (Entry Level 3 and Level 1)

Learners on the Explorer Pathway follow a project based study programme at Entry Level 3, or specialise in a specific subject at Level 1 while gaining a well-rounded education through various strands of the curriculum. Read more

Discovery Pathway (Level 2 and Level 3)

On the Discovery Pathway learners specialise in a chosen subject and follow a qualification based curriculum that includes practical work, course work and external assessments. Learners may also follow our Transition to Employment programme Read more

Aspire Group

We have an individualised and targeted intervention programme, which provides intensive support for learners with more complex needs. Learners access a mixed curriculum in small groups supported by a highly specialist clinical team including an autism practitioner, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist and occupational therapist. Read more

Course Details by Pathway