Hollywood comes to Hereward

Hereward media student Jordan Burns with Stephen Reynolds

Director Stephen Reynolds has visited Hereward College.

Coventry-born film maker Stephen Reynolds has visited Hereward College to discuss his latest directing project with the College’s media students.

Stephen, who grew up in Stoke Heath, has had experience working with actors such as Danny Dyer, Robert R. Cross and Daniel Cudmore and has just completed directing his first Hollywood funded film. Stephen took a few hours out from directing to visit Hereward, giving students some insight into the industry and provide the budding filmmakers with an opportunity to ask any burning questions.

From a young age Stephen knew he wanted to direct films and devoted his childhood to watching action thrillers. Years later a studio saw Stephen’s work and decided to put him in the director’s seat for an action thriller, investing a $2 million budget into the project.

Stephen, said: “Previous to directing I used to be a forklift truck driver in Coventry, I’ve had my fair share of disappointment but through passion, sheer determination and hard work I’ve had my big break. Anything is possible if you work hard and want it”.

Hereward’s media tutor, Richard Wood, has known and worked alongside Stephen for years and believes his students can achieve the same success as the film director, “It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, it all comes down to your drive and commitment to make films. Stephen didn’t stop trying or believing even after years of rejection”.

The visit from Stephen has helped to motivate and encourage the students, Jordan, part of the Level 2 media cohort, said: “Being able to talk to a director has inspired me to go into film production and directing”.

Stephen Reynold’s current Hollywood action-packed thriller ‘Lockdown’ is due to be released into cinemas this summer.