Hereward College grows community spirit with friendship tree

On Tuesday 22 October the National Skills Academy for Financial Services hosted an event at The Abbey Centre in Westminster, celebrating the positive impact that local people involved in Lloyds Bank’s Money for Life programme have had on communities across England.

The tree marked the culmination of a week full of events, run by the College’s Peer Support Team (PST).

The Peer Support Team is a group of volunteer students, set up by Hereward College, supporting first year students to make a successful transition into college life. Receiving specific training from staff, they get involved in many other activities plus events involving the local community. Their work has been nationally recognised, receiving a Highly Commended in the Leading the Learner Voice Awards 2012 for the significant efforts made by students to raise awareness on the issues of bullying in college and the community.

Included in their 2013 campaign, based around the theme set by the Anti-Bullying Alliance; ‘The future is ours – Safe, fun and Connected’, the PST wrote their own pledge of responsibility to speak up about bullying, raised awareness throughout the college and ran a poetry competition based on positive relationships, which was won by student Kyle Crompton for his poem ‘The Composition of Friendship’.

The friendship tree symbolised the end of another successful campaign, displaying positive comments from Hereward students, describing why they care about their friends.

“I’m so proud of the way our students have handled this sensitive, but pertinent topic”

said Cyntia G Laycy, Peer Support Team Co-ordinator.

“Our annual campaign always inspires both our staff and students and cements our commitment to a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying in Hereward”.