City centre photography showcase for Hereward students

Hereward foundation students have been exhibiting their photography work in the old Coventry Evening Telegraph (CET) building as part of a pop up community art space prior to the building’s redevelopment later this year. Entitled ‘Capturing Coventry’ the exhibition focused on the urban landscapes and architecture around Coventry as well as the CET building itself.

CET pop-up is a free to enter community creative space and Hereward learners photographed, edited and created all the media on display as well as creating postcards and tiles for sale during the exhibition and beyond.

The event has attracted lots of attention from local media as well as a number of visitors from across the city throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Donna Bridgewater, Photography Teacher at Hereward College said:

“Our students are really excited to be part of community space and have the opportunity to showcase their work. Learners have chosen a building that attracts them, photographed it and edited into their own style.

“This exhibition has not only enabled the students to use some fantastic digital equipment but also develop other skills such as communication, independence and employability.”

Thomas, Hereward College student said:

“I love going to college and I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this exhibition.  It has been made by people with disabilities and should show people that you haven’t got any barriers if you want to do something like this.”